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DuPage Basement Remodeling & Basement Finishing

DuPage Remodeling is a basement remodeling company that offers a variety of services including basement finishing, basement waterproofing, basement design and more. We are a local team and our office is located in Glen Ellyn. Reach out to us at any time if you are seeking an upgrade or transformation for your basement, we will provide a free on-site estimate and our expert team is glad to assist you. Check out our website for additional information about complete basement finishing.
Our Services

Basement Remodeling & Basement Finishing DuPage County

Basement Design

We can design your basement from scratch. First, you identify the use for the space based on your family’s needs, the size of the space, and your personal style aesthetic. Next, we can assist you with the layout whether you are choosing to create a new basement space and use or simply redesign your current one.

Basement Remodeling

We can easily renovate or renew your basement if it's not working for you! We will create a pleasant space in which you can spend time. A finished basement can provide additional usable square footage for your family to enjoy as well as increase your property's value. Modern lighting and construction possibilities allow for many fresher options.

Basement Finishing

We will refresh your current basement in the best way possible, depending on your needs we can redesign it and finish the whole space. A finished basement can take wasted square footage in your basement and convert it into functional space that your family can enjoy and may additionally increase your home's value. Finished basements can easily function many ways.


We will make sure that your foundations are properly insulated and waterproofed and if they are not properly prepared, we will waterproof your entire basement’s foundation and ensure that any previous issues have been taken care of entirely. From cracks to other potential threats, we’ve got you covered!

Basement Drainage Systems

Basement drainage systems are imperative for any basement space, whether it be used for storage, living, or is unfinished altogether. A damp, flooded basement of any kind can lead to mold and moisture issues throughout any home. Proper plumbing and drainage can help to prevent any of these potential hazards.

Basement Waterproofing

We will ensure your basement is fully waterproofed and if it is not, we will provide basement waterproofing and complete basement sealing services - including floor waterproofing, walls waterproofing and many other services. Flooding is an enormous concern for homeowners. Basement waterproofing involves the identification of issues causing the basement to be wet and the repairing of such.

DuPage Basements

Basement Remodelings Are Our Specialty

DuPage Remodeling is proud to be a DuPage County company excelling in basement finishing and basement remodeling that not only achieve the largest of the smiles from our customers, but they also meet the highest and most stringent building standards in Illinois. If you are interested in receiving a free estimate for basement remodeling of any scale, please contact us through our website or by phone call. Your happiness is our priority!

Frequently Asked Questions about Basement Remodeling

    The duration of the basement remodeling projects varies, depending upon the scope of the project: If it is at a minor project, it may take less than a month, whereas a larger project may take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Throughout the project, our basement remodeling contractors will do their best to maintain the work space as clean as possible and to always be cordial and friendly.
    For each and every project, we will ensure that there is at least one person devoted completely to working alongside you. We assign a lead interior designer as well as a customer service manager who is in charge of quality control, scheduling, and keeping you up to date at all times, and to ensure this.
    Basements can be a dark downer but have no fear – there are many ways to integrate light into your basement finishing project. Mirrors, pot ceiling lights, sconces, and even the installation of an egress window are all elements that can brighten your space. Professional basement remodeling contractors can easily advise on the best techniques to lighten your space.
    You have no reason to be concerned, DuPage Remodeling takes care of all types of building permits, especially those related to the Illinois area. For this reason, we suggest that our clients share a master plan of their property with our basement remodeling specialists so that they may include it in the application of the respective permits.

Our Latest Projects

STEP BY STEP - This is how we function!

DuPage Basement Remodeling


We are ready to go over your project with you. First, we will plan a phone call in order to discuss your basement renovations details including expectations, time frame, and materials. Additionally, we will plan a site visit for a free estimate.


We will visit your property and assess your basement in order to understand your needs and prepare a comprehensive estimate of the project. We aim to completely understand your vision of your basement remodeling project.

Your Project

We will give you a customized proposal and plan that have been designed specifically for your and your family's function and style needs, we will clarify pricing and we will discuss other elements like materials, designs, and time frames.


We will accommodate your schedule by establishing a project date and time frame that best work for you. Our basement remodeling contractors will gladly answer any questions and we always comply with our project delivery times.


We appreciate any feedback. As professional basement contractors we will always leave the worksite tidy, and more important than that, we will not vacate the project until you are fully satisfied by your newly finished basement. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

What our customers say?

Various ways to arrange your basement

Pool room
A basement pool room (billiards room) is a recreational room that contains billiards as well as a snooker or pool table and may be found in a home or a rec center. When undergoing basement renovations, it is necessary to have enough space around the billiard table to accommodate the cue’s stroke range from all possible angle as well as space for including a storage rack, chairs, and any additional furniture that may be included.

Basement home gym
A home gym in the basement is a space for the entire family to enjoy at their convenience. This area is most important in families more dedicated to fitness and sports. Basement remodeling provides the perfect opportunity to install a home gym as concrete floors are quite strong and can easily support the installation of any heavy equipment. Aside from the time and travel convenience, there is no daily fee to use your home gym!

Basement living room
Basement finishing that creates a living area that can be shared by the whole family. A family room or TV room can allow you a great space to spend time with your friends or for your kids to share with theirs. If your basement remodeling contractors provide a well-designed space with a cozy ambiance, you will enjoy your time with family and friends.

Kids’ playroom
Every kid dreams of a special area of their home dedicated to imagination and play! In a perfect world, this space is dedicated exclusively to play. When making basement remodeling decisions, is does not need to be a large space but should be properly decorated with both imagination and taste. Chairs or other seating should be provided for both children and other guests. There should be plenty of room to include areas for movement and play, books, movies, clothing, school supplies, and toys.

Movie room
Basement cinemas have recently transformed from a distant dream into a current simple reality. Equipment quality and affordability have increased significantly, making home theatres a more attainable goal available for a wide variety of budgets. No matter if you are designing the perfect family space or a bachelor’s dream, a basement movie theatre can assist you in entertaining guests for many years.

Basement bar and kitchen
Any basement can be transformed into an entertaining bar for hanging out, no matter your entertainment desires and interests. Organize according to your style and necessities, it may be a smart home entertainment facility or general dining area. Beyond comfy interior and exterior design are always required to transform a house into a home. Some homes require an exterior to relax around scenery outside, while some require a calm private interior to easily escape from the masses.

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